Tedious Serving,
painful Serving
Please just call EREON!

Accessible to All Without Burden 

South korea, the nation's Own Serving Robot,

With Costs Slashed by 100% Using Proprietary Technology

Convenience at Your Fingertips:

Anyone Can Use it in Just a Minute

Send to the Table

Call When Needed

Send from the Table

Convenient for Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Perfect Serving with Overwhelming Domestic Robot Technology!

Minimizing Blind Spots with Cameras and Sensors

Precisely designed cameras and sensors

ensure a clear view and safe navigation

Localization-based Autonomous Driving

Utilizing pre-generated maps and real-time scanning data, Ereon accurately determines its current location

for autonomous navigation

Since safety is paramount in serving,

Ereon autonomously navigates more safely than humans

Equipped with technology enabling swift and precise obstacle avoidance

through 30 calculations per second.

Leave the serving to Ereon and focus on what matters.

One drop, one vibration,

tightly gripped without any shaking

Effective vibration dampening with flexible suspension

Utilizing a 100% in-house developed

independent 2-axis suspension,

Ereon reduces floor irregularities' vibrations smoothly,

ensuring a gentle serving experience

Smart software blocks even the slightest vibrations

Equipped with intelligent low-vibration driving technology

that analyzes floor conditions during navigation!

ensuring flawless performance in any


Various Ereon serving modes

Multi-serving mode with multiple Ereons

Master robots giving commands communicate with multiple slave robots,

working together seamlessly

Emphasis on vibration control in beverage serving mode

With beverage serving mode selected,

we focus more on vibration control by analyzing floor conditions

Patrols predefined routes

e.g., guide robots, round trips

between shoe store warehouse and store

Emergency stop mode ensures safety during critical situations

Simply press the red button for an immediate

and safe stop in case of emergencies

Domestic developer remote control mode

Quickly resolve any situation with remote monitoring

by domestic robot developers